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fantasy / sci-fi / drama / historical fiction

As a writer, I don’t just use words to describe what I see; I create stories and scenes that take the reader to somewhere new and unexpected. To get a better sense of my work, please feel free to explore my official Writing Portfolio.

About the Author

Johnita Smith

Johnita Smith is a writer who specializes in fantasy, romance, drama, sci-fi, and historical fiction. She is earning a BFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. She is a member of Full Sail’s Creative Writing Club and has taken classes in both developing new worlds and historical archetypes and mythology. She has a full plate balancing her writing passions along with being a busy wife to her supportive husband and mother to their four amazing kids.



I am a divine energy that enjoys creating Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Historical Fiction, and soon Erotic Paranormal Romance. These stories and much more to come are just the beginning. If you are an open-minded reader who loves to be engaged in out-the-box stories, then please take your time, read every story, enjoy and stay tuned for more.

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Her Mother's Lies
Flash Fiction | Drama | 287 Words

Mariana is shocked and devastated by her mother’s truthful confession about her existence. Confused and heart-broken she seeks the truth while her mother fears losing her forever.

Close-up portrait of a witch from the indigenous African tribe, wearing traditional costum

Washington Witches
Short Script | Fantasy | 6 Pages

Two sisters, Marie and Rose, receive a mysterious package that reveals their family history, then use their new powers to take down their ancestor’s enemies.

Desert Highway

The Uber Ride
Flash Fiction | Suspense | 1158 Words
Janelle Mosely, a young African American journalist is assigned to cover the president on the campaign trail. But she soon finds out that her destiny was written by the Moor Empire as their angel of death.

Woman Stalked in Garage_edited.jpg

The Star Witness
Flash Fiction | Suspense | 512 Words

Angie witnesses the murder of her neighbor, Karen, by her military marine, elite sniper husband, Mark, after his return from war. Only her testimony will put this monster behind bars.

The Missing

Three Zombies


Her Mother's Lies and Other Stories

E-Book Pruduction | Drama / Suspense / Fantasy | 3654 Words

The production of this e-book involved several steps and processes. Polishing the e-book content. Building, formatting, and programming the manuscript following industry standards to create e-book files that would be compatible with multiple devices. Finally, uploading the e-book for publication and distribution, and creating marketing material for it.




Goddess of Earth

Research Document | Sci-Fi / Fantasy | 1783 Words

This "Story Bible" is a reference document and style guide that establishes the standards for the writing, design, and production for the (film/TV series/game/comic series/novel) known as _SOYL Goddess of Earth. It details and outlines the characters, culture, history, landscape, and other aspects of the story's "world" and would be used by the writers and production crew to maintain continuity and consistency over the course of the project.

E-Book Press Release

Copywriting | 443 Words

Johnita Smith announces the publication of Her Mother’s Lies and Other Stories, a collection of five short stories based on family drama, secrets, historical fiction, African mythology, and murder mystery.


A press release written to solicit reviews for a recently published e-book.

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